Photo Booths

PIX Photo BoothsPIX Photo Booths

PIX Photo BoothsPIX Photo Booths
We have modern and elegant photo booths that are sure to compliment any event.  Our Photo booths are seamless white with chrome and silver detailing.  We carefully designed our photo booth for not only optimal functionality but to also look great!

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Clean seamless white photo booth with chrome accents
  • Colored External LED Accent Lights – Coordinate colors with your event!
  • 4×8 Hard Shell Booth
  • Color Live View Monitor
  • Dye Sublimation Printing – No Smudging, No Fading, Vibrant Colors!
  • Bright Photo Lights – No worries even if your venue is dark!
  • Large Variety of Fun Props – We are sure to clean and sanitize after each event
  • Many Photo Layout Choices – Our 2×6 photo prints are dispensed as 2 duplicate strips!

PIX Photo BoothsPIX Photo Booths
How it works: First, We deliver our photo booth to your event and the fun begins. Our professional attendant will set your photo booth up in the designated area and he will be on-site the entire time to ensure everything runs smoothly.

You and your guests will go in the photo booth where there is a brilliant led live view monitor that you can view all your perfect poses.  With just a touch of a button, cameras will start snapping away!  Your photos print out and you can retrieve them in the photo shoot just outside the booth. Our photo booth will provide you and your guests hours of fun and laughter.

After your rental time, our professional attendant will then clean up, disassemble the photo booth, and move it back to our facilities.  We then sanitize our photo booths and all of our fun props.

It is recommended that you rent the booth the entire time of your event as it can be quite disruptive to setup and disassemble during the course of your event.  Setup or teardown will usually take approximately 45 minutes.


PIX Photo Booths